Crystal Valley Metro District #2

2021-10-14 Notice of Vacancy

The board will fill the vacancy as it has done in the past by taking in Letters of Interest for the position and interviewing candidates.

It's anticipated that the board will vote on the appointment at its November board meeting.

The person appointed will serve until the May 2022 election.

Mission Statement

Providing the highest standard of municipal services with unparalleled values for our neighbors and community of Crystal Valley.

Vision Statement

To build Crystal Valley as the preeminent community through transparent business endeavors, community collaboration, and neighborly trust.

Guiding Principles

  • Do No Harm
  • Collaboration
  • Honesty
  • Attentive


In 1986, Crystal Valley Metropolitan District No. 1 and Crystal Valley Metropolitan District No. 2 were organized as independent political subdivisions under a Service Plan approved by the Town of Castle Rock. The Districts were organized in order to construct, acquire and finance public improvements for the benefit of the residents, property owners, and taxpayers of the Districts. The Service Plans of the Districts were amended and restated in their entirety in November 2001 to make updates to coincide with development expectations. The Service Plan was further amended in 2014 for purposes of authorizing a comprehensive restructuring of debt.

The Districts are not related to the Master Homeowners Association and do not engage in any architectural or covenant control matters nor do they operate or maintain any of the community amenities.

Crystal Valley Metropolitan District No. 2 is the issuer of all outstanding debt and is currently undergoing a process to further amend the Service Plan to further restructure its debt for a bond issue in 2020. Crystal Valley Metropolitan District No. 1 is currently the programming district, which engages in new construction projects and collects System Development Fees from homebuilders as new homes are constructed.